Whether you are just starting out with Data Analytics or you are an experienced professional, this course will help you gain more knowledge and hands-on experience on the basics of Data Analytics using Microsoft SQL Server & PowerBI.

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Master the art of data analytics and achieve industry-level proficiency in Microsoft SQL Server, Power BI, and other cutting-edge tools. Our comprehensive course will equip you with expertise in key topics, including database creation, advanced data filtering, functions, data modeling, unions, joins, stored procedures, transactions, and triggers. Gain hands-on expertise in optimizing databases, harnessing system-defined functions, and streamlining workflows with user-defined functions and stored procedures.

The second part of the course unleashes the full potential of Microsoft Power BI for captivating data visualization and reporting. Learn data loading, transformation, and the creation of stunning dashboards and reports. As a bonus, acquire valuable job hunting tips and interview strategies. Enroll now to unlock your true potential in the realm of data-driven insights and visualization.

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In this course you will be learning everything about Data Analytics and Reporting, this course also includes materials and resources for enrolled students.

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