Have Questions?

DeepCIT is a leading IT training institute. Over the years we have prepared our trainees into jump starting successful careers in the IT market.
How do I join the class?

You will register on the website and once payment is submitted you will receive an email confirmation along with a syllabus. NOTE: It’s advised to not skip a class or drop out.

Do I need to have any experience to join the training?

No prior program experience required.

What prerequisites do I need to join the training?

No prerequisites are needed to join this training. A computer, preferably Windows/PC is required.

Do I need to make a one-time payment, or can I spread it for the duration of the training?

One-time payment is encouraged, however payment can be made in installments but that will result in paying a slightly upward adjusted amount.

Remote online live classes that you will join through a unique link provided before every class.

What are the advantages of joining DeepCIT?

You walk out with competencies, skills and values to tackle any IT challenges in the industry. You also become a part of a growing network of IT consultants who have gone through a similar program.

How soon into the program will one be ready for the job market?

After 3 months you should be a highly skilled IT expert. We offer resources after training with career development. Fees apply.

Does this DeepCIT provide tools and resources?

Yes, DeepCIT provides tools and resources necessary for you to excel throughout the training.